Girl Scout cookies and car parts: an interesting mix

Saturday was the perfect weather day for taking down Christmas lights outside.  Despite the great temps, the down side comes in the form of soreness from all the stretching, scrambling around on the roof and ladder climbs.

On this day, I was reminded how much longer it takes to put up lights than to take them down.  I also discovered how much little effort it takes to help others when you have already determined that you will.  Was it a life changing event for anyone? Probably not, but no one was more surprised than me when a sweet and unsuspecting little girl scout asked from the sidewalk “Would you like to buy some cookies?” and I immediately fired back “Sure! Come on over here!” $12 later and I have the promised of a load of calories being delivered to the house in a few weeks.  On a per-cookie-price basis the purchase made absolutely no sense.  On a right-thing-to-do-basis it made all kinds of sense.  I’m pretty sure I would have gently said “no thanks” had I not already determined that such an ask would fall within the category of “those in need.”  When you have predetermined what you want to do, it just seems to flow…  What do you want to be prepared to do in advance?  Oh, and what’s your favorite girl scout cookie?  I bet you have one!

Yesterday (Monday), I spotted Bill again on the same stone bench as last week. It seemed remarkable to me that I would actually know his name.  Not only did I figure he was still a person in need one week later, but I could actually say that I knew at least a little something about him.  So, this week it didn’t feel like an obligation as much as something I wanted to do to help him.  So as to not embarrass him by the extra attention, I decided I wouldn’t give him a handout directly, but I did leave a little gift for him in a spot where he was certain to discover it.

Today, with my gas tank heading toward “E” I pulled into my usual gas station downtown. I guess this wasn’t my day to be approached  by the men that have frequently asked me for money while I filled up on prior occasions. (This was always a pet peeve of mine.) Maybe when the time comes eventually, I’ll be ready with a gift card for the Taco Bell across the street.

Tonight, in a nice turn of events, I had the great blessing of being in receiving mode of a little generosity and boy did it feel good!  Jim, a friend who actually knows his way around a car, helped solve a problem that has been plaguing me for months.  After I had worked on it for a few hours Saturday on my own before giving up in frustration, Jim installed a new part in my car in less than 30 minutes. Thanks Jim! I now have power locks, map lights, dome lights, a garage door opener and a rear defroster that all work!  I’m honestly pumped about this!  Can you believe the same part controls all of these things?  I guess that’s why the manufacturer charges so much for the thing. 

Did you know that less than 9% of the world’s population actually owns a car?  At least I’m not having to walk to work…


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