Switching spaces

Three recent encounters to update everyone:  I saw Bill again at the end of day on Friday. He was on his usual stone bench at the Old Courthouse.  We had a lengthier conversation this time and I gave him my usual folded $5. I didn’t come across anyone need on Saturday – guess I wasn’t looking.  Today at church, my dear wife directed another bubbly girl scout my way.  Gee we’re going to have a lot of cookies in a few weeks! Then, this afternoon on the way to the Cardinals Winter Warm-up, I was approached by Raymor for some help buying  a meal.  It was interesting to think that I was going to an event where fans plunk down some serious cash for an autograph or an sweat-stained ballcap and all this man wanted was a little money for food. He seemed genuinely grateful for the help.  Oh, and I was able to put my new assignment into play today as well.  At church, I parked on the “outer forty” where the church staff parks.  And, due to some advance planning I was able to switch parking spaces with one of my employees for the week who parks at a different garage downtown.  This enabled me to get some exercise while going to and coming from the Warm-Up by not taking advantage of my indoor parking space across the street from the hotel where the event is held.  It’s all good.


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