Assignment No. 7: ESSENTIALS-ONLY

APR 1-30…ESSENTIALS-ONLY. I think it was Ben Franklin who famously said “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

I’m not a big consumer – never have been. Either that’s because I have simple needs or it’s the result of my sensible upbringing. In general, I find myself fascinated with the latest gadget or gizmo but I let others be the early adopters. After all, they’ll have a newer model out in a few months and to purchase it now would be such a waste, right? When I do buy, I tend to spend more for lasting quality. Even with my no frills lifestyle, I bet I buy more than I think. At least that’s the thought behind this month’s assignment. Discretionary spending is out, control is in. Why spend beyond your means, when others don’t even have life’s essentials? Did you know that nearly 10% of the US population lives below the poverty line? What do you think you could get by without this month?


One thought on “Assignment No. 7: ESSENTIALS-ONLY

  1. Okay, this one I really want to hear about! Later today you will receive a message form me outlining my Long-Range, Six Year, Personal Strategic Plan. One of the points for this year is to avoid buying anything at the grocery store until my freezer and cabinets are almost bare. I wonder how long that will take? Any guesses?

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