Assignment No. 23: Take a FACEBOOK FAST.

DEC 1-31…Take a FACEBOOK FAST. Even Mark Zuckerberg must take a vacation now and then.

At the beginning of the year there were over 800 million Facebook users in the world. The current numbers are even more staggering! You know, with that many people out there posting, sharing and liking each other I think the world can get by without my latest status update. Other than automatic postings on my page about this blog or from my twitter account, I’m going into a Facebook blackout for the month. I’ll break the fast in January. What do you think I should do with all of my spare time? If you find yourself consumed by social media, maybe you’ll want to consider a Facebook fast as well.


2 thoughts on “Assignment No. 23: Take a FACEBOOK FAST.

  1. That’s much too easy for you. But maybe some of your “friends” will take a hint and declare their own blackout! See you in January then.

    Annette R. Grove, MBA Organizational Assessment and Accreditation Consultant Goodwill Industries International

    800-741-0197 ext: 5346 301.767.5460 (mobile) 301-530-1516 (fax)

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