SAVE on tax prep software – a friendly tip or two.


Congress and the Administration may not have a clue yet as to what taxes we will or will not pay for the coming year, but we can pretty much guarantee that the IRS will want a love note from each of us by April 15, 2013.  For many years, I’ve used software from H&R Block to do my own taxes (and tax returns for family members). I tried the more expensive TurboTax once, but went back to HR Block (or TaxCut as it was formerly known).  For what I need, it is more than adequate.  The mid-range “deluxe” version serves me well.  If you have less complex financial matters you can get by with the “basic” edition; more complex and you might need “premium.”  I have found the software easy to use and the HRB employees helpful when needed.

I believe in being a good steward of the resources God has given me. Why overpay when you can save?

Today, I found an online discount for downloading this software and as a result paid the least I ever have – only $29.22 (regularly $44.95) for the deluxe version.  Here’s the link to save on all of the versions.


PS:  If you’re looking forward to a big refund you might want to rethink your withholdings.  Remember, a big refund is NOT a good thing. I basically means you’ve given the government an interest free loan all year long.  It may be fun to get a big check, but a much wiser choice is to shoot for break even if at all possible.  Just another friendly tip…


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