SAVE more this year with $25 or $50 bonus cash

Ten years ago, our family opened our first online bank account with  We started simply with a savings account and were impressed by their website and simple online interface.  We were also impressed at how easy it was to set up the account and to use it for various savings goals, online payments, and investments.  Today we have multiple savings accounts, an online checking account, savings accounts for the kids, and an online investment account — all easily managed within one use account.  The interest rates are likely much better than you’ll get at a local bank too.

Right now INGdirect (soon to be renamed Capital One 360) is offering a referral program that provides new account holders with either $25 or $50 in bonus cash for each account you open. Savings accounts (.75% interest) are rewarded with $25 bonus cash, kid’s savings account (.75% interest) and teen checking accounts (.25% interest) also net you $25. Set up an online checking account account (.20% – .85% interest) and you’ll get bonus deposit of $50.  Of all these various accounts the only we haven’t tried is the teen checking account (it’s a new offering and we just haven’t checked into it yet).  I recommend INGdirect to anyone looking for an easy solution for managing their finances.

Click here to learn more about bonuses paid to new account holders.

Happy saving!


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