WHAT IS is a 30 day assignment?

Can I become a better version of me? With God’s help and the backing of family and friends – yes, I believe it is possible.

I recently spent some time reflecting on the qualities and activities of my life that are frequent and visible as well as those that are all too often crowded out by good but unproductive activities.  After all, I am busy, I have responsibilities, I am needed by others, and I only have so much time in my day!  Can you relate?  But…what would my life look like if I was fully generous, just, merciful, humble, grateful and loving the way God designed me to be?

Having lived with myself for over 40 years, I know my limitations and I know my natural tendencies that suggest the adopting of gradual change will likely be far more productive than wholesale change.  With that in mind, I have developed 30 Day Assignments that exemplify the a life that is more fully lived – a life that is more fully me.  Broad categories include family, gratitude, fitness, creativity, personal growth and living life respectfully.

On December 31, 2011, I put these assignments into a random sequence generator at www.random.org and let the online program give me the order of my assignments for the year. Yes, I know my nerdiness is showing!  Assignment #1 will run for the month of January 2012.  Assignment #2 will begin January 15 and run through February 14.  Assignment #3 will run for the month of February.  Assignment #4 will begin February 15 and run through March 14, and so on.  The idea is that I will be working two assignments at once for most of the year, with a new mix of assignments occurring every 15 days.  My hope is that the variety will keep me interested and motivated.

Putting my assignments into the “hands” of a computer program was definitely a leap of faith, though. Trust me, I was a bit worried that the sit-ups and push-ups assignments would overlap.  Thankfully, they didn’t!  But, there will be some interesting timing along the way like picking up litter in the middle of winter!  So, we’ll see how this goes.

When all is said and done, I hope to understand those activities that were most fulfilling, rewarding, and that molded me to be more like my Creator. I would guess that some assignments will “stick around” longer than 30 days. Others will be quickly left behind.

I’m not expecting perfection; I know myself too well.  But you might wonder – what happens if David doesn’t complete an assignment?  Simply put, someone else wins.  Each time I miss, I’ll be contributing either $5 or 5% (depending on the assignment) to a special savings account.  At year-end I’ll give those funds to one or more charitable causes.  So, while I want to be successful – failure won’t be final as someone else will ultimately benefit.

Blogging is a new activity for me, but is something that I thought would be helpful to keep me accountable.  It’s also a way for you, the reader, to encourage, support, correct or nudge me along the way.

Thanks for going along for the journey!  This might get interesting.


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